Sharon Epstein

Ketubas are represented by Kolbo Fine Art Gallery, MA, USA and the Petroff Gallery in Toronto. TO PURCHASE DIRECTLY FROM THE ARTIST PLEASE PRESS HERE.

In loving memory of my late husband Joey Panko, I have created a series of ritual textile objects celebrating our marriage that was filled with joy and sadness but above all an enduring love. We climbed a rope ladder high up into Costa Rican rain forest, where, under a Chuppah, or “canopy” of strangler fig trees, we were wed in the company of howler monkeys and exotic birds flashing their brilliant colored wings.

In honor of that day, the creation of a Ketubah seemed a fitting tribute. As a result I have developed a series of marriage contracts, which incorporate my artistic practice as an artist. I specialize in Judaic liturgical textiles, exploring the rituals and symbolism of Judaism.